Why I used to hate creativity!

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Why I used to hate creativity!

According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, it is crystal clear that creativity is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next 5 years.

According to the 2016 report onĀ The Future of Jobs and a summary by Idea to Value explaining that creativity will be the 3rd most important skill in the workforce by 2020, it becomes one of the lifelong skills that employees need to possess. It is essentially a skill that we need to constantly build and improve upon it.

Even though I consider myself a creative individual that constantly need to innovate, it is not something that only relates to the arts culture. Being creative makes us profoundly human and makes us survive. I’ll take a quote from Steve Wise’s book on Third Wave:

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone. It ended because we invented something better.

Steve Wise

I’m happy being creative

The study published on Nov. 17 in the Journal of Positive Psychology, 658 volunteers kept a diary for 13 days, reporting about their personal creative activities they did and describing their positive or negative affect and the flourishing effects.

Creativity was defined as coming up with new ideas, expressing oneself in novel ways and even includes time on artistic activities. The findings supported the emerging need on everyday creativity as a means of cultivating yourself and being happy overall. Doing more creative activities basically gives you dopamine!

I’m environmental friendly with ideas

I was afraid of throwing ideas away!

I was obnoxious about throwing ideas away. They felt dear to me, like a little infant that came out and I should be responsible for them. I should never ever throw ideas away, they are precious assets. There was so much time spent thinking about the ideas(good or bad). I stowed my ‘great’ ideas and even though they were never used, I tried very hard to build on them so they could be improved upon. Never did I know, that this was blocking me from potential possibilities ahead.

Diverge…Converge…Diverge again..

Don’t get me wrong, anyone who is in the ideation process loves to stick to his idea. I remembered a moment where I was stuck on an idea, stubbornly imposing to everyone that it will not work. As a professional, I had an immediate need to be efficient get things sorted out as soon as possible. I was narrow minded, never opened up my mind on being divergent about my perspectives.

In one instance, I was ‘forced’ to seek the abundance mindset and grapple with uncertainty ahead. Everything turned out well, my items were delivered on time and well in order. The thought process triggered my mind to think, why can’t I trust myself to take on original ideas? I always been in this creative space, my idol’s Sir Ken Robinson. Why can’t I think further ahead?

Creativity is an orderly process

Creativity is a risk that you take, managing this entire process is much needed. I place post-it notes, set calendar reminders that I have to closely monitor the situation and make sure things are directed to the way I wanted it. Risk management was on top of my list. Multiple calls to supplier and courier services were made to ensure that everything is timely and in order.

Creativity is luxurious goods

Creativity is really luxurious, it doesn’t come all the time.

While I’m managing many roles and performing the everyday task that I require, I needed to weigh my options and decide if ideas are worth expanding or not. Being creative is time consuming and taxing to the mind. It doesn’t happen with a snap of your fingers, it requires you to have clarity about the situation. You’ll need to know when to stop ideating and start sieving out the bad ideas. If you always worked with 3 ideas on a new project, why not try 5 this time?

An environment for creativity

I recently watched a drama Till We Meet Again, the male protagonist, who was the company’s award winning creative designer, had his years of creativity removed from his mind. It resulted in him losing his status and respect. His team was tasked to create a air-conditioner commercial for a company. Since he lost his creative ability entirely, he decided to compile his projects experiences and categorise them according to:

  • Person/Character
  • Place
  • Event
  • Time

The post-it note contains events, places, characters or time of commercials he has successfully completed. Each team member selects one category from the hidden post-it note. As a team, they will think of a story together that is suitable for the commercial. That moment hit me on the importance of not only teamwork and collaboration, but also the need to create that creative space in order to have an abundance mindset.

I would advise you to find your space and time for all of this to happen. Don’t brush it off by saying you don’t have enough time.

I’ll leave you with a final quote to support your creativity and ideas.

Fall in love with the process and the results will follow –

Bradley Whitford, 2004


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