What’s your motivational factor?

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What’s your motivational factor?

Let’s take a look this week of the aspects of motivation.

I would say motivation is one of the things that really drives me to do something that I want and achieve, it starts from deep within how we look at things and also how the things we look at actually change the perspective that we have. Motivation even starts off when we were infants, we are constantly motivated by our parents to stand up and start walking. Motivation changed as we grew older as we look into a different area that actually motivates us to go further. We had grading systems in schools to motivate us, we had electronic gadgets such as iPads, colourful books and computer games as extrinsic motivation to drive us to do better in school. Then after we graduate and have a job, we look into different aspects of extrinsic motivation such as salary increments, bonuses, nice cars, etc. I would explore the relationship between motivators and motivation and how they could drive our inner passion(intrinsic motivation) and let us carry on doing what we love to do.

Parents as Motivators

Our question is more about how motivation actually occurs and what elements are important in the area of motivation. If we turn back time a little, do we actually remember or understood how our parents motivated us? Our parents are usually our first line of motivators and educators. They’re the first people to teach us how to eat properly, how to walk and how to speak our first word. They’re always encouraging us to be better people and we often look at them as role models when we’re young. They watch us grow and we watched them aged. They would always be the first to say,”Wow, that looks fantastic” even though we’re not the best artist or writers. Some of us look at what our parents did as a career, and eventually follow the steps of either our mum or dad in career, because we’re reminded constantly on how exciting their career is and how constant reminders such as “Follow your heart” and “Follow your dreams” will always be stuck in our head. We always have a role model in our heart, the first one I could think of are always our own parents.

Technology as Motivators

Technology plays a very huge part of our lives as motivators. It’s just that we did not realise that they were present. Technology as motivators would first begin from the programmers who created your games to keep you playing. Think of the latest Candy Crush or the Role Playing games such as Final Fantasy series to fuel your desire to keep playing the game. Your extrinsic motivation varies in technology, it can be small rewards such as a virtual medal, or progressions for harder challenges in games. Technology can bridge the connection to fuel our desire for motivation, it acts as a channel to drive motivation and also allow your friends/peers/family to recognise your hard work and dedication to the things you love most. It is also the reason why gamifications are popular means of education to drive the motivation of our learners of today and to make them learn more effectively.

Peers/friends as motivators

When we think of friends and colleagues as motivators, we fundamentally explore intrinsic motivation through our entire lives. In each stage of our lives, we find people who continually fuel our intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. We have our friends during our younger days who would ask us for a football game, to constantly say small little things during games like,”Nice skills”, “Well done”. They could also be discouraging us by giving us the jeers, but these are fundamentals in driving us forward and making progress even faster and better. As we advance in our careers, we might stumble upon people who will motivate you from all walks of life. I knew many who dared to risk it all and start a business by themselves. Some of them ventured into climbing mountains, some started a food business without any prior knowledge and some even tried a coffee joint for the first time. I felt that these people are inspiring, so do talk to them to find that element that resonates with you best!

Significant Other(SO) as Motivators

The one that you would want to spend your entire life with, your husband or wife out there. They are your pillar of support and your interaction revolves around them every day. They will bring you to new heights, help you to do things you would have never imagined doing. I have a wife whom I ask for support and strength each day, and I would say she’s my main source of motivation to carry on strong each day.

As a conclusion, I’ve placed a card that you could print it out and paste it at your office or home as a source of motivation.