The Cloud and the Brain

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The Cloud and the Brain

The cloud and the brain interlinks two of the things that I am really familiar with everyday and every hour. I love to store information on the cloud, which I’m pretty certain that many of you people out there would be doing it. According to a 2013 article by Neowin, it states that it’s over 1 exabyte of data is on the cloud now. The relationship now we concur is, how are we managing our day to day information and how do people actually make use of the massive amount of information that they have over the years. Our brain is limited in terms of capacity towards storing information, therefore most of us remind or relate information that we need by referencing. This referencing can be done by using your smartphone to set a reminder to remembering information(i.e. reminder to wake up at 6.30am for work), that maybe the case when your brain only stores the information in a short term memory. This way, your brain only recalls the information when you need it, and you have to search through your mind, be in a deep thought process to recall the information that you require.

Well, in this section, I’ll just share some of the techniques that I used to manage the vast amount of information that I have from the Internet. Because I find it really difficult to manage the large amount of information that I consume each day via the Internet, just on my smartphone alone.


Microsoft OneNote 2013 icon

I’m pretty sure some of us simply label these information, keep it nicely into Microsoft OneNote, which I usually do. I have about 3 notebooks on Onenote to date with different categories for different things. (Personal, Travel and Education) These notebooks are really personal to me, as I scribble anything about my thoughts on onenote, this applies especially for the aspect of Education and Travel. I would also try to keep some quotes on OneNote just to see if I could use them some day again.


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I have another form of method which I store information on the cloud. I pin every image as an avid fan of posters, artwork and cute little pictures and store them as inspirations for future use. That’s strictly a place for only design work. I used the Pinterest button addon on Chrome to help me when I’m working on the computer. I relate pinterest as an Artistic world, I keep some on my secret boards and some on the public boards. You may take a look if you want to :

Lastly, I’m still pretty much a pen and paper person when it comes to visualising a new idea or trying to apply concepts that I retrieve from the respective areas. So the cloud and the brain concludes that there are tons of information to be stored in the cloud, to supplement our daily needs of applying the things we recognise as important.


Over 1 exabyte of data is now stored in the cloud –

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