Technology embedded in our lives

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Technology embedded in our lives

Technology is an important aspect in our lives these days. It has grown so much and the number of adopters for mobile phones.

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In addition, we are spoilt for choices these days. We rely on different modes of media to learn, that includes streaming TV services, Apps from Google Playstore and Apple Store respectively. Android has also reached 1 billion users due to its variation of hardware available for purchase. Apple users have also surpassed 800 million users, bringing the entire mobile consumption to about 1.8 billion if we put these numbers together.

Unfortunately, we never really understood how to utilise it to our advantage(in terms of educational purposes). We never managed to understand how we can use videos, articles, pictures and games to allow learners to learn more effectively and efficiently. Back in the early days, we did make use of E-learning in several aspect, including the use of CD Roms to have interactive quizzes. But it was considered optional in my days where it wasn’t embedded into the curriculum. I did enjoy borrowing CD ROMS to push my limit of learning science during my primary school days. I did not have the benefit of using Google Search in those days, but I did rely heavily on library books and the resources available on that CD Rom. In short, I was limited by a 700MB disc that provided limited information and didn’t allow me to consume information that is beyond the scope. Was I upset?I would say no, because it allows you to be objective of your learning process. It is valid for a learner who is picking up a new skill/knowledge that he/she has never encountered before. It fills up the fragments of knowledge that was linked to the person’s prior experience in his/her life.

To me, education plays an important role in my life, it allows me to continually improve on the things that I adore. I racked up lots of self improvement classes to make myself better in person and share it with lots of people like you and me. I chose to take coursera over its competitors was because I loved the way most of the courses were organised. Coursera is what they called an Massive Online Open Course(MOOC). And one thing’s for sure, I loved the idea of receiving a nice certificate upon completion. Coursera (in my humblest opinion) helped me to understand new topics from different universities. I have no doubt that the University Partners itself played a huge part in organising the course to suit the learners’ needs. Some of the assignments are no doubt, really tiring to write. But at least, they make you reflect deeply in what you learn in its initial stage. The quizzes that they set allows you to achieve bloom’s taxonomy Level 1 on understanding the topic at it’s surface level. Take note of it’s limitations including the application level, which you will not be able to experience much. Therefore your level 3 onwards of blooms taxonomy will not occur. Practice must be consistent when we take such courses, so it continues to stay in our mind.

In conclusion, don’t ever forget what E-Learning can offer to you. It offers endless limits to how education can be provided for you. That includes Google Hangouts, discussion forums,etc. E-Learning must be driven by the user who chooses to harness its benefits and be aware of its limitations. I would continue to take courses that I deemed relevant to me, as it helps me to grow as an individual. My final words for you will be in these bullet points:

  • Take what is relevant to you, that helps you grow
  • Examine the course structure carefully, by reading learning objectives of the course
  • Free up time for learning, no excuses


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