Symbaloo Syllabus

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Symbaloo Syllabus

This is the implementation of the Symbaloo Syllabus. It had me thinking quite a bit on how I should design the syllabus based on what I had in possession. There are great features on Symbaloo such as implementing the entire syllabus into one single page, with everything either embedded or external links. It was kind of interesting that I even placed distractors to keep the mind off for students in a short period of time.
3 things I was thinking about while doing this

  • How is it possible to attract and catch the attention of the user? – There are several colours that catches the eye better. So do take that into consideration when designing a symbaloo.
  • What are the things that I should place and should not place into the site? – There are possibilities that people want to place everything for people to read, but to make it more accessible and readable. I would recommend limiting the size of symbaloo.
  • What are the icons and questions I should set for instructions? – What are the instructions and how I should place them in symbaloo.

So I recommend you try it out too. You wouldn’t regret trying symbaloo I would say.

Here’s the sample of my Symbaloo implemented on barristar learns.

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