Reflections on Artificial Intelligence and Robots taking over Art

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Reflections on Artificial Intelligence and Robots taking over Art

I just stumbled upon the National Gallery and spotted the Keppel Centre for Art Education. Having just read the Creativity Code by Marcus du Surtoy, I was intrigued by the question posted to the children, asking them:

Do you think robots can replace artist?

My answer would be No as well.

As I believe that art is a form of expression and a conscious thought that the individual would like to express. Artist have their own styles of creativity, just like chefs in how they plate their food. Not one of them will present it the same way with a slight variation. I believe I have my own unique style of presenting my work.

Children’s Thoughts

My thoughts were one thing. But the part that surprised me was the children’s thoughts towards art. I particularly loved the answers of these two children. I applaud them for their creative answers.

I liked how one of them thought about how jobs will change for designers. Designers becoming programmers is something for all of us to reflect upon. It represents how the job market is like, how people are changing in their roles.

The other one that caught my eye was how it was related to feelings and emotions. Art is seen as a space to express a thought or an emotion that the artist wants to portray.  it’s a visual story without words and lots of ways to interpret them.

I leave you here with their chain of thoughts.

Comment on your thoughts on this.

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