PWC on Workforce of the future

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PWC on Workforce of the future

A bright future or a gloomy one?

I’m looking into a post and report by PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) on the Workforce of the future. It is about 3 years old from the day that I’m posting it.

It was a great insight and I am excited about it but hope to reflect back on this post in 2030. I hope to see a yellow world where humans come first.

How does the future look like?

According to PWC, the world in 2030 will look like this. I have adapted it from the report Workforce of the future. You can find the report link by clicking on the image below as well.

An interesting perspective presented by PWC.

What do I hope to see by then?

I understand that companies are already embarking on this journey so far and have successfully implemented some of the ideas presented above. But I’ll like to present my own perspectives below:

  1. Assisted intelligence – To see knowledge and decisions being guided by A.I just like a GPS System. Planning for the automated world
  2. Strengthening Capabilities – To see a world where L&D professionals mine data to discover employee’s professional profile and provide support to develop employees further.
  3. An Innovation-Driven World – Individuals coming together(from different organisations even) to collaborate on projects or to deliver on an idea – for as long as it takes. All for a larger cause.


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