Reflecting a learning experience

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Reflecting a learning experience

Think about the last time you tried to recall and tell someone about your travel experience, really providing the details to your friends/colleagues or someone. All you wanted was to tell the person how much you enjoyed it. Was it really difficult? What aspects did you recall that you were able to tell someone.

When we talk about experiences to people, sometimes we go down to the most detailed conversation we ever had. For example, I was in London last year during this period. I would tell people who fantastic the Emirates stadium looked and how crowded the place was, judging and assuming people are all like minded arsenal fans (which i know I’m pretty much wrong there).

I failed pretty much in one thing. Following some of Asubel’s theories on learning to make them more meaningful, we sometimes deliver experiences that we assume people have an understanding. We tell our friends how the Sakuras and climate was great in Tokyo. That lesson could have been altered through media rich experiences when we related it to meyes principles in designing multimedia.

In order to blend in learning and making it meaningful, i took a TED video by Simon Lancaster on speak like a leader. There were areas that i felt were extremely important in not only making meaningful connections, but also consider the cognitive load of each individual during the learning process.

Taken from on Bill Gates releasing Mosquitoes in a TED talk in 2009

an example of Bill Gates talk in which he released a swarm of mosquitoes to his audience. Those are great triggers that would ignite the learners’ experience and make them remember a lot better. It becomes more than getting them to understand beyond just memorising things or words. The full video can be found here

To conclude, let’s make our experiences more meaningful to people by elaborating on our personal experiences to people and let them digest components that only makes sense to them. I woild have told my friends about how cheering when Arsenal scored a goal was really awesome and seeing the many people that are wearing the same jersey chant along with you was simply priceless