Rediscover the basics of learning through video creation

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Rediscover the basics of learning through video creation

Learning resources and platforms are readily available for everyone to use and teach others. Technology has also enabled the progression of knowledge to be dispersed to everyone to understand each other’s culture,beliefs and differences. The future is about access, anywhere learning and collaboration.

Learning is going to become a more social process where people get to interact with one another using different technological platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, wechat, etc. Idea generation can be across many regions and everyone will be globally connected to create and spur ideas together, it has evolved into areas such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. This occurred due to major crowdsourcing and support from the community, where a large majority of them support the creation process.

Today, I’ll explore opportunities where you will create videos so learning can take place for the individual. Creating snippets of learning through video has never been easier through a smart device. Imagine the possibilities of creating videos that enhance and retain knowledge better, it gives you meaning to your experiences and how it can formulate and reasonate with you better. You will take ownership of learning and find and use video resources, possibility to create your own avenue of thoughts. It is the right time to embrace the cloud with its wealth of resources and platforms available.


  1. Start with a mobile phone to record the experiences ( I’ve recorded some places where I visited and what I have seen over there.)
  2. Have a theme and flow in mind and start recording. (I’ve placed focus on creating experiences for people who visit the Taiwan for the first time to experience it virtually) The flow is very important in a video, it demonstrates how it should start and end. What are the important messages to bring across to the audience?
  3. Record by segments, it can be a snippet of 10 second video. It is recommended that you record more segments.
  4. Piece them together using a video editing software. (WeVideo, MovAVI, iMovie,etc.) Review and upload it to your nearest social video platform (Youtube, Dailymotion,etc)