My book list of 2018

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My book list of 2018

In this book complication for 2018, I will be sharing what I have read for the whole of last year and how the stories of each author will inspire you to greatness!

Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies You Can Incorporate into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition, Study skills, and Motivation by Saundra McGuire

An educator’s handbook by Dr. Saundra McGuire

She was my tkeynote speaker during the annual education conference last year. I must hand it to the awesome keynote she delivered, and her outgoing personality tht makes her a joy to work with. Her book is an educator’s pragmatic guide in teaching students how to learn, showing some of her past stories with her students and experiences she had that encouraged her to believe in growth mindset and metacognition. An electriying book indeed!

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

One of Peter Senge’s first book that gave rise to many others.

Peter Senge was an accidental discovery that kept coming back to haunt me. It tells me a lot on how organisations can evolve towards learning organisations. It captivated me with concepts such as learning disabilities, found within organisation that hinders the movement towards learning organisations. An organization that reaches the fifth discipline is indeed remarkable in its way. It would be a book for executives and leaders to appreciate or to aspire to becoming a learning organisation.

The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

The Yes Brain presents itself for opportunities for character development

This book calms me quite a little, especially the lessons in dealing with children emotions. These are really practical strategies that I easily took away, including understanding the three different zones(red,green and blue) a child can be. The book teaches us not only tips on how to make our children turn from a ‘no’ brain to a yes brain, but also takes the opportunity to ask us to reflect upon ourselves and see where we are at. The short comics and beautiful illustrations help to reinforce ideas that the book brings across. Parents and educators, please pick up this book and read. It’s enlightenment!

Outliers: The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers, outlining potential success and its causation

This title became a conversation starter as I was also trying to find out how successful people really became successful. I was portraying the story of how people who were born between January to March were more successful than those who were born later. I personally find pleasure in reading this book as it unlocked many successful people’s behind the scene stories and captivated me throughout. The many external factors other than high IQ that weighs in to make a person successful kept me going in this book.

Deviate: The creative power of transforming your perception by Beau Lotto

Deviating from the norm, uncover new perspectives!

This book felt like going through Inception(the movie). Unlock new perspectives of what you perceive the world as, and see why others are actually not seeing what you see. You’ll begin understanding that whatever you see around the world right now, might not be what it really is. I hope he doesn’t mess around with your mind too much. I shall not add on anymore spoilers.

Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

Start a new habit by making your bed

I had a dream, that dream was to change the world. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how should I go about doing this. Make your bed is a simple and concise book on how you can make a difference in your life, he suggested 10 life lessons you need to bear in mind, he re-emphasizes it through his Navy seal stories. Start with making your bed each day, and you’ll change the world. This book is short and certainly worth the read.

Pour Your Heart into It by Howard Schultz

Pour your heart into your passion

This was one of the first books that were published by Howard Schultz. I’m an avid fan of him since I started drinking coffee. This book perfectly describes his roller coaster journey from being in Starbucks to making it an iconic brand today. He will share how he persisted with some of his ideas and pushed on to help make Starbucks even greater. The never give up spirit inspires me!


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