My Blended Learning Model

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My Blended Learning Model

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to review my blended writing program, designed as the assignments relating to Blended Learning.
This is a program that could be offered to working adults and students who are graduating in their final year. It is built for them to learn the various tools online to create an E-portfolio for themselves, and also to make the best out of using the various graphical tools that can make the e-portfolio for engaging and interactive.

About the Project and myself

A little bit about me: I am working in the training and development field in a higher education setting. While I believe the millennials will benefit from the vast amount of technology that they have, but I believe the right pedagogical practices given to them are equally important. The programme is built around a constructivist approach, making learners bring in the knowledge that they previously have and apply it into their own individual projects. Learners must be motivated by creating the E-portfolio and be aware of the usefulness of one.

Programme structure

The programme(flipped classroom approach) consists of the following:

  1. A facilitator : The facilitator will be moving around to provide feedback and advice as to improvement for the E-portfolio, and he/she will be demonstrating what are the tips and techniques to make the E-Portfolio more effective.
  2. A moderator: The moderator will take charge of the social learning aspects of the E-portfolio course online, taking into considerations that certain incorrect answers might surface during the course of the programme.
  3. The website for resource: will be as the platform to provide all the learning resources in bite sized formats in order to maximise learning.

The programme is built to for smaller groups, with a maximum intake of 12 students per class, engagement and facilitation time will be about 1hr 30 minutes. The faciliator will have to answer queries and questions of the following:

  1. Queries to improvement of making the system more effective
  2. Queries to technology that appear unfamiliar to the learner
  3. Queries to presenting exemplary student’s E-Portfolio

Design layout

Please refer to the slides for some of the design model and learning principles.


The programme was a challenge in implementation due to the limitation that the platform provides. There are possibilities of creating better collaboration tools and integrate them with other more complex systems so the learner can benefit better for the experience. I hope to be able to place social media tools such as instagram and facebook community to make the learning experience more vibrant and robust.

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