Self sustaining Motivation

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Self sustaining Motivation

Motivation is one of the key drivers to push us beyond our limits so we can work even harder. We begin motivation from the day that we were born, as we grew, sources of motivation generally grew along with us.

We meet more people who would encourage us to walk or talk as a baby. Our first motivators were usually our patient parents, who were always there to ensure that drive and energy never fall. We had our fathers who would do the dirty work with us, carrying us when we fell, asking us to try again when we fall. Participate in many activities that we do, especially the outdoor ones. Helping us in our very physical projects that we had. We had our mothers, who would clean us up after all the dirt we accumulated. Cook for us when we’re really starving or even bring us to the nearest McDonald’s for a nice happy meal (my father brought me there too). Remind us to finish up our homework and made sure we studied hard for our examinations.

As we grew, our motivation circle expanded, we had our best friends in our elementary school. We had them encouraging/cheering us when we scored a goal, or got a medal in a class race. Motivation came from the group where all of us had similar mindsets about our goals and ambitions. It continued as groups formed together and made sure the motivational support stayed until one of the individuals felt there were differences between them. We joined other groups which could provide the motivation that we needed and asked for. It grew on us that certain aspects of motivation helped us to either become better in what we do, or never pick up from where we left off.

How do I create motivation?
Motivation comes from two aspects, the feedback that we provide and the values that we hold in the group. Motivation can come from the constructive feedback that we provide. It is important to value and keep hold of the constructive feedback, we must recognise and take the constructive feedback and improve upon the strengths/weaknesses that we have. People must have channels to obtain these constructive feedback through learning sheets that monitor their behaviour and progress weekly or monthly. The appropriate channel makes room for people to improve upon the areas of concern.

Another area to work on motivation would be values that each group holds. To expand on that aspect, we look into the areas that are important that requires the group members to motivate each other. Whether an individual carries on with his studies or a new interest would partly depend on whether the peers support his personal interest. Even if an individual fails the first time, there would still be encouragement to move on and try again the next time. It is also possible that feedback would prevents the individual from any acceptance of failure that occurs. Therefore, it is important for members of the group to recognise and listen out for feedback that are meaningful to them and provide an avenue for growth. In our school and work days, we recognise that feedback is always a constant in our daily lives in everything that we do. By recognising the constructive feedback, it allows us to grow even further and stronger as life long learners. Similarly, educators must now take the extra effort to provide additional feedback that will allow learners to progress as well. We could also consider the aspect of the rosanthal effect (masking a tough paper to increase learner motivation) and effort justifications( continuously working through pain and sweat in assignments and projects).

Providing and receiving constructive feedback will be something iterative and will take a significant amount of time for acceptance and adoption in the community. It is part of the school’s effort to drive this initiative so the whole process can begin with minimal friction and lesser effort. It takes the learners to understand that initial step to begin would be a difficult process, but nevertheless staying resilient would allow them to focus on the learning process and never give up.

I dedicate this post to all mothers out there. You been loving, caring, strict and motivating in our lives. Happy mother’s day.

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