MAPE to uncover new perspectives

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MAPE to uncover new perspectives

I end the journey of my MAPE(Masters of Arts in Professional Education) programme(like hopefully passing the last two modules). It’s a new journey of my learning and development (L&D)career. Some things felt familiar, some are pretty new.

Let me cover the journey that you will expect to experience.

MAPE felt like an artistry’s of curating, designing, developing and evaluating L&D holistically. It was a calling to break the routine( that learning only happens in the classroom) that I once had.


I gained trust from the cohort that I reside in. It’s a long list to thank, but a special shout out to the MAPE 2016 cohort who really withstand all the wittiness and seriousness from me. All the break time conversations were really one of the key learning points I had during this 2 1/2 year journey.

The conversations were difficult to end because of its engagement level. As the social constructivist say, you learn better through intentional social interaction!

Your group members have got to be fun and enthusiastic. You’ll need to either be connected technologically (Skype/Google/Zoom/etc) or physically in a common/central venue.

There was support from one of my professor to bring our work for some attention by presenting in a student graduate conference. It was my first conference presentation and it’s really nerve wrecking but valuable experience i obtained too! My topic was a discussion about incorporating technology to facilitate a community of practice.

Support was important as I gotten mine from my supervisor and director who affirmed credentials and experience to study. I have to thank IAL for the study award as well.


I gained insights from many industries, took part vigorously in the group work and discussions. Things familiar to me such as Gagne’s 9 events, Kolb’s experiential cycle were foundational to support us in the coming semester, it seemed to force me into relooking the perspectives of each instructional design theory and take another dimension to apply it.

There were a deeper understanding and empathy towards how things should be run and the perspectives I gained were intriguing.

There were talks about the community of practice by Lave and Wenger, there was this concept about social constructive theories which made more sense to me now.

There was the Activity theory by Engestrom that threw me overboard all the time, it was a difficult one to digest for a start, it took a lot of reading time during my daily commute to really understand what it meant.

Quality assurance totally kicked me up a notch with Peter Senge on learning organizations and the five disciplines involved. Then when you thought you know it all, Garvin came around and messed things up in your head again.

p.s. I forgot… that was only for two modules (Workplace learning and Quality Assurance).


I had my fair share of fun in developing and going through iteration after iteration during my multimedia learning module. From the development of the characters to the voiceovers and programming experience through the Adobe E-Learning(Adobe Captivate), I believe it was captivating! I was always referring to best practices from Richard Mayer’s Multimedia Design Principles.

In your capstone, you will be developing some sort of instructional package/programme evaluation/training need analysis ultimately if you wanted to.

Stay focused on the last chapter and begin early with an end in mind. Taking a masters degree was like a marathon, and this was the final mile for me. I stayed focus throughout and really seek to understand what I needed to do.

Also, take some time to reflect upon what you did in two years before your capstone project. It will give you an idea of what to do next.

What’s best out of this whole experience, I get to really choose what to sit down and start developing.

I chose Mayer’s Multimedia Design Principles and Articulate Rise for the software. All are great and well I must say… Just praying for the results.


I lost a lot of things along the way. I lost sight of time, how it flew passed me just like that. I lost a lot of personal time, dedicated my time for work, studies, family commitments, etc.

I still managed to squeeze time for things and work double hard during the weekday nights and weekends. I had to thank my wife and other family members for the support given though. These sacrifices also include lesser time with my kid too.

These are all small sacrifices to make my career better and my mind a lot clearer. It was to open more perspectives. It taught me to listen more, talk less. I’m already looking at future development plans as a person so drawn towards learning new things!


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