Life’s a mystery

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Life’s a mystery

We all know that we can’t predict what the future holds. Things in life are getting messy and blurry. I realised i can only do this much to control what’s ahead of me.

Widened Perspectives

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up hope yet. My perspectives are a lot wider now. I see things from many angles that I didn’t see before. I was really stubborn in some sense. Always believed that things that are built in a certain manner should be done only in a particular manner.

A challenge is worth embracing

Just like this roly-poly doll, we embrace new challenges and scenarios, even when they hit us hard, we still stand up and embrace it. Roly-poly dolls will stand up no matter how you hit, drop, or even slap them. They’re determined things that we should look at and self reflect.

Next Destination: Challenge!

Just think about how it relates to real life and our holidays, we do things that excite or thrill us because of its novelty. We go on holidays to new places because we have that sense of adventure in us all along.

All i could sum it up with is:

I remain a mystery to myself and others.


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