Life is full of lessons

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Life is full of lessons

Life is full of little lessons to learn, this struck out because it happened on lunar New Year Eve. It was kind of memorable as it caused me much inconvenience as I blog right now.


My son was holding a glass pitcher, wanting to get some water. He panicked and dropped it when he saw me running towards him. He stood still, trembling and crying. I cleaned him up and made sure no glass bits were on his feet and continued to nurse myself as my wife came out of the room in shock.

Back after some dressing and cleaning up.

In short, one event is all it takes to help me understand that…

  • People are willing to help and they care, but they are just to shy to speak up. Because one student actually asked if I needed help going home seeing how I was limping away.
  • Parents always put their kids above all. Even in pain, we check if our kids are alright and make sure they’re safe. My foot was bleeding badly, but I still had to help my son wash off those glass bits and checked on him before checking mine.
  • You are always put to the test. Grit is a necessity to help me overcome walking back home by limping and hopping between the clinic at the MRT station and my place because the nearest clinic downstairs wasn’t opened.
  • Family is an asset and they will help you when you are in need. I had to shift my entire reunion dinner plans to my place as I was exhausted from limping around the whole day. Even my mum in law and my wife had to be involved in cleaning up the mess. 
  • I can overcome the mindset of boundaries. While I have difficulties moving around the house, why not settle for an office chair to help you navigate around. 


A photo of me and my two children.

The important lesson was our mindset constrain the behaviour and actions we take. Positive mindset brings you a little further.Also, if people see you trying hard, they will attempt to help you. 


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