Learning in 21st Century Workforce

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Learning in 21st Century Workforce

I recently came across contents that i personally felt were relevant when it came to learning and what actually drives all of it to make it work. There were actually personal reflections that i took while undergoing some learning transformations while reading some books while upgrading myself in education.

Reinforcements matters

Our roles in our career evolve rapidly through our lives. One moment we may be tasked to do higher order thinking task as we progress. there’s a need to reinforce our mindset and set our minds growing constantly. Technology and ever-changing needs have evolved our roles in workplace drastically. It becomes necessary for us to absorb fundamentals and principles more effectively in this age and time. Working professionals must be even more proficient in absorbing concepts. Therefore, does learning to perform a task really matters? Or is it the process of learning that truly matters in our professional careers? Take a look at this video and see what you can learn and summarise from this video Learning how to learn by Barbara Oakley

Learning task matters even more

If your task is irrelevant to your learners, there’s a chance that your learners will not pick up and take an effort to appreciate whatever that you prepared for them. it must also be seamless while producing it. Learners will soon be equipped with VR technology so they can see a simulation of the real world, yet at times we forget our purpose of learning through simulation. Learning experiences are unique to each individual and not one task would learners engaged in a similar fashion. Placing a learning task that is guided when necessary provides a unique experience
There are questions to reflect on as we view technology progress:

  1. Can real world experiences really be brought to a learning environment?
  2. Must learning necessarily be driven by a set of task to be done?
  3. Is task customised to a unique experience to a learner? (Personalised)

Continuous learning

In a knowledge-based economy where skills and knowledge get obsolete quickly, does learning task relating to an authentic environment and reinforcement of task actually matter? We need to constantly upgrade ourselves to make us more technically inclined. Through certifications, we achieve higher order thinking and become more proficient in the things that we do. We can also obtain learning through online sites such as Coursera and EDX offer many great courses organized by known professors and individuals of some of the best Universities in the world. Learning can also be short to obtain gaps in current knowledge and skills. These can be obtained through sites such as CreativeLive or highbrow. Skills such as effective email conversations, or learning an Adobe software is now possible through these sites.