Innovating through teaching and learning

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Innovating through teaching and learning

I was recently testing out something on, where I was using a restaurant menu to show different sorts of learning activities with your learners.


On one end, it kept my ponder about what I learnt yesterday from Adam Torrens where we were told to go back to the basics of education. He argued how learners are now sitting down in smaller groups to share their learning experience with each other. It demonstrated how learning can take place with the basic tools such as keynote, where he presented several activities in a short period of time.

  • Interactive worksheets – going pass thr conventional worksheets. you can now place pictures where learners can decide where the answers belong to.
  • Posters – sharing posters with peers.
  • Quizzes – creating quizzes and marking them
  • Mockup Apps – demonstrations of an App without using an app builder

Here I am wondering about the most innovative tools, but there he is, making me reflect on the things that I was doing. Am I being overly ambitious in innovating?Should I then look at the basics of what I have, and the powerful tools that is lying around me.

On the other end of he spectrum, I see fabulous innovation through HP demonstrating their learning capabilities. harnessing technology to its fullest for students to create even more.


it is important to recognise the avenues that are given to learners to create new things and innovate continually. these may include opportunities for self creation.

Creation can take place through different avenues such as powtoons or adobe spark that allows learners to create new animations for presentations. it is also critical for learners to break down learning experiences that they go through each time.