How are you from the past to the future.

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How are you from the past to the future.

Dear Son,

This is your dad, writing this so you could take a look in 10 years and understand if this blog is still around.

I’m using a MacBook if it still exists in 10 years time, or typing away on my iPhone to make this as meaningful as possible. I’m not Howard Stark who could give you a formula to success. I’m just a dad who wants the best for you. We certainly love you dearly and as much as we could. I’ll be your best friend for a while, the one to keep you company. The one to read you some bedtime stories so you could sleep better. Your mum or I would also be the one who tugs you to bed when you feel uncomfortable, alongside with your mum. I’m sure your mum thinks the very same way as I do. We’ll be there until you slowly fade off and find your friends and clique to hang out with.

How’s the world like now?

It’s in the midst of change. We’re all changing in a world. We call it:

Change is always a constant

You’ll live in a world that automation is on its way, we’re not in a world where robots will take over the world. It’s more like they will take over mundane work(boring work). We’re in an aging population, where many of people similar to mum and I will be working through old age, slowly seeing retirement fade off our eyes. Barbara Kingsolver once said:

The world shifts under our feet, the rules change. Not the Bill of Rights, or the rules of tenting, but the big unspoken truth of generations.

Everything is so easily accessible now my Son. You could get a taxi by clicking a few buttons and even know how many minutes will it take to arrive. We live in a world so connected that I could still see you even when I’m overseas. In Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Harvard speech:

You are graduating to a world that needs purpose, it is up to you to create it..

He challenges not only you, but both mum and I to take on New challenges. So, be afraid to fail not once, twice, thrice maybe a thousand times. As many times as you can to reach what you aspire to do. I hope one of us could be a pleasant role model to you,

We’re in a tiny red dot, we need more grit, determination and understand that every of us in whatever age you may be, there will still be setbacks that will prevent you from moving forward. But your mum and I will try our best to mould you into what you are and want to be. So whatever we give, we always offer the best like what parents usually do. If we can’t and as you age, try to understand why it is so.

How’s school?

Schools will be digitally enabled. There will be a variation of technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality for you to experience. Examinations may not require teachers to administer examinations. You might be sitting in front of a computer to take your test and examinations. The people around the world are all trying to make it better all for you. The Teachers in schools are working very hard for your future. So do respect them, as they are trying hard to impart mathematics, science, English or Mandarin to you. Don’t be disheartened when your grades are bad at times, we’ll try to find ways to improve on your weakness. I had times where I felt I worked pretty hard but still failed somehow. It might have been the way I studied last time.

I’m not sure how homework is going to evolve, will it be meaningful work and not mindless problem solving such as spotting keywords in mathematic questions that will get you distinctions. We will find out as we work it out together. I’m sure your teacher will know what’s best for you. Sometimes both of us maybe upset at how things turn out, how you might think homework is irrelevant and unnecessary and rather engage with the latest video games, toys and gadgets. Mum and I will then be upset and may start scolding or nagging because you chose ‘entertainment’ over seriousness. Do understand we are upset at you not for the moment, but for your long and bright future ahead of you. There are many careers choices and things that we wish you could do to help the world be better to live in. We love you, and that’s why we chose to intervene instead of leaving you alone.

We’ll bring you to places that you could try out the career that you aspire. Will you be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or a programmer? I’m not really sure too. But whatever you want to achieve, go all out to get it for us. We’ll be proud of you when you reach there, we’ll also support you at the lowest point of your life.
We’re your full time coach and mentor to overcome the smallest or biggest problems you face. When we’re not, gather up your strength and overcome it. Cause you know there are times we want you to be independent. Don’t despair if you wonder why you can’t always get the sleekest and best toys at times. Sometimes you just have to earn it. There are many things you should treasure more than just toys.

There will be lots of digital tools for you to experience the world around you by the time you’re in school. You will be immersed in 3D technology, playing with virtual items more often than your toys at home.

Don’t worry, there will be time for you to see nature, smell the breeze near the beach and feel the wind passing through the pores of your face. My Son, many friends of yours will forget this experience and only recall the fun and excitement technology offers them.

Your friends, choose them well. For some will lead you astray, some will lift you up when you are down. Friends are important as you collaborate in projects, work together to solve a problem. Play in a Soccer team that you love. Hang out after school and reflect on how fun it was. Work alone and you achieve your goal, but work together and achieve a miracle together.

Discover new things with your friends And both of us, it will help you learn a lot better. Treasure your childhood like how your mum and I did, these are important moments in your journey, to make meaning in your life. There are lessons to learn from your peers, friends and people you communicate with.

Lastly, don’t give up on whatever you strive to do, even if the whole world goes against your thoughts. I take one of the finest quotes from Steve Jobs during his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech:

Stay Hungry, Stay foolish.


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