Micro moments

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Micro moments

This is an extension of the Coursera Assignment which I did previously on Micro moments. I would like to further elaborate on the diagram that I proposed previously.

But before I proceed to explain the diagram further, I would like to elaborate on the concepts that are introduced in this course.


Micro Moments

Micro moments are divided into 3 segments, constructive feedback, character behaviour language and the growth mindset. They are interlinked and the 3 of them don’t have to exist altogether during a classroom session. There maybe a mix variation of how these 3 segments will be used. There maybe times where one segment beats the other two by a significant amount. For example, I can be providing constructive feedback, but I wouldn’t necessarily create a moment that is equivalent to a growth mindset. In other words, I could praise a learner and said he went the extra mile to reach his goal during project work. But the learner could have misunderstood the feedback and lost their persistence towards their work due to the grades the learners received.

Constructive Feedback

Educators must be able to differentiate between good feedback and constructive feedback. Good feedback can only tell a learner how good he/she is. Constructive feedback elaborates on which area did the learner show grit and persistence towards a school project or an assignment. We would have to bring the whole process of learning to the learner when we provide good constructive feedback.
Character Behaviour Language

To build on the constructive feedback process, the educator must also bear in mind the language that we impart to the learners. As we move and grow out of the circle from a constructive feedback, we bear in mind that the language that we project to our learners plays an important aspect. Character behaviour language is concentrated on building stronger and precise constructive feedback to learners. As educators, we must constantly bring the feedback to the learners so they will be much more aware of the feedback that was given to them. It also allows the learners to take ownership of the feedback so they can build on the growth mindset. It will form as part of a growth and accomplishment that would lead to the growth mindset.


Growth Mindset

From the aspects of constructive feedback and character behaviour language comes the growth mindset. growth mindset depends heavily on the interaction between teachers, learners, parents and the school. Growth mindset depends on a learning community that heavily supports this behaviour, and no teacher/student/principal/administrators would work in Silo. For example, teachers will share the behaviours of the learners to other teachers so all of them can learn from improving themselves. They will be able to work together on tough situations such as difficult classes/learners and build towards making learning happen in the school. Learners must also recognise their importance in their role. It is not about grades, but about the process that brought them through to their goal that is important.
Implementation of Micro Moments

As I am new to this terminology of Micro moments, I strongly believe that constructive feedback would be the initial stage for every micro moment to occur. From there, we can develop the character behaviour language and identify the traits that are important towards building a Growth mindset in each child. For example, if we were to elaborate further on each feedback that we provide to the child that we educate (Good or bad), we are actually working on how we could improve on being constructive. By being more constructive in our feedback, we can identify the traits or the qualities that will contribute to a character behaviour language. From the traits of a character behaviour language, we can bring across the importance of a growth mindset to the learners.

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