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Why Multi-modality for lessons are important?

June 30, 2016, by Barry Ng

Everyone has a different style of processing information. Some receive information through listening while others receive it through multimedia content. Let’s explore what multimodality means in a 21st century education.

Infographics links (Thinglink X Canva)

January 8, 2016, by Barry Ng

Creating beautiful infographics with interactive links is not difficult, it just require integration between 2 different systems. Try it out now!
Here are some examples that I have used with Thinglink and Canva.

Canva (Graphic creation online tool)


Choose from a range of templates that are available for your downloading pleasure, those that are free will have a “free” rectangular box beside it. There are lots of shapes to choose, there are lots of templates to work with for Canva. I will recommend using it especially if you are not design savvy.

Thinglink (Creating interactive links with images)

Thinglink allows you to create links on your images that you created. Though it has limitations on how the icons and links look like, but the basic look and feel is sufficient for you to harness its maximum capabilities. You can even embed the thinglinks into your wordpress site or Google Site (Refer to the link on how to do that)

These are part of the learning contents that will be integrated into my E-Portfolio training/learning.

Infographics: E-Learning diversified

March 23, 2015, by Barry Ng

The aim of this infographic is to identify the design framework that will be used to create the E-Learning portal that I have spearheaded myself. It builds upon 3 principles that I highlighted and aimed to build towards the fundamentals of global learning through a global platform.

Infographics: 6 of my favourite Photoshop tools

March 20, 2015, by Barry Ng

Here’s a sample of what you can do using infographics to educate your users better.

Photoshop favourites


Infographics: How to start your LMS

March 15, 2015, by Barry Ng

I’m reflecting on a possible Learning Management System as I sort out the contents to be used for learning for the illustrator course. I would want to use the course and change the way learning would take place. Instead of placing purely videos, I would want to deploy an LMS into the site and manage it accordingly.

Here are considerations to take in place while creating and deploying the LMS:

  • Interactivity level.
  • Mobility of the content(Accessible through Mobile devices)
  • How much additional reading materials to be added?
  • How will they be tested?

Here is a screenshot of how I would consider deploying and creating my personal LMS.

Untitled Infographic (1)

Technology embedded in our lives

February 23, 2015, by Barry Ng

Technology is an important aspect in our lives these days. It has grown so much and the number of adopters for mobile phones.