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How Gagne’s 9 event can be relevant to your next E-courseware

December 29, 2017, by Barry Ng

over the few years, e-courseware has widely been adopted by institutions and organisation in a form of computer-based training material. Designing courseware teaching and learning experience become challenging as you need to consider the most effective and engaging manner possible for the end user.

Learning Journey of my Multimedia Project

July 21, 2017, by Barry Ng

To make things simple, let’s do it through a flipsnack, a magazine capable of showing you so much more!

A blend of Thinglink and comics

April 11, 2017, by Barry Ng

As educators, we always ponder how to make classroom learning more engaging and fun for our students.

Designing for rich media content

April 8, 2017, by Barry Ng

We’re here to discuss some pointers on making a rich multimedia experience for your learners. Take a look at what possibilities that are simple yet effective

What you need to take note when designing your next Learning App

December 9, 2016, by Barry Ng

Apps are prominent in today’s context as mobile devices becoming more prominent and great advances in technology. Almost everyone owns a smart device these days.

Teachers and educators are also jumping on the bandwagon to see how it can benefit learners in classrooms and lectures. Let’s explore some design considerations during the development of an App

Rediscover the basics of learning through video creation

December 5, 2016, by Barry Ng

Learning resources and platforms are readily available for everyone to use and teach others. Technology has also enabled the progression of knowledge to be dispersed to everyone to understand each other’s culture,beliefs and differences. The future is about access, anywhere learning and collaboration.

Innovating through teaching and learning

November 10, 2016, by Barry Ng

I was recently testing out something on canva.com, where I was using a restaurant menu to show different sorts of learning activities with your learners.

Displacing ADDIE in a modern world

August 13, 2016, by Barry Ng

ADDIE model was developed during the 1970s as an instructional design framework for the US army for its military training. While it fundamentally guides the design of learning, its drawback constantly involves the time taken to develop. When we look into a fast paced the world that is changing so rapidly, with technology displacing each other in a blink of an eye. Are new approaches such as SAM and rapid application development applicable to new business practice.

Pocketing thoughts through activities

July 20, 2016, by Barry Ng

I believe that most of us that went through tertiary education would have experienced lots of ups and downs in of learning. There were concepts that you wished you could understand better.

There were also times where you thought you understood a formula or a theory well, but somehow it just didn’t connect very well when you reached home. These experiences are known to both yourself, learners, designers and educators. All of us faced this common problem of bridging the gap between us, understanding the essence of a subject that we are so passionate about.

Learning advancements, what it means to you?

July 7, 2016, by Barry Ng

Learning has advanced significantly, with progressions from e-learning to mobile learning(m-learning). It also provided new perspectives such as adaptive and micro learning as well. We look towards solving the mysteries of learning gaps and see how technology can provide a brand new look to education.