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Coffee Infused Education

Designing for rich media content

We’re here to discuss some pointers on making a rich multimedia experience for your learners. Take.a look at possibilities in this post.

Learning in 21st Century Workforce

I recently came across contents that i personally felt were relevant when it came to learning and what actually drives all of it to make it work. There were actually personal reflections that i took while undergoing some learning transformations while reading some books while upgrading myself in education.

Pocketing thoughts through activities

I believe that most of us that went through tertiary education would have experienced lots of ups and downs in of learning. There were concepts that you wished you could understand better. There were also times where you thought you understood a formula or a theory well, but somehow it just didn’t connect very well…

Symbaloo Syllabus

This is the implementation of the Symbaloo Syllabus. It had me thinking quite a bit on how I should design the syllabus based on what I had in possession. There are great features on Symbaloo such as implementing the entire syllabus into one single page, with everything either embedded or external links. It was kind…

Infographics links (Thinglink X Canva)

Creating beautiful infographics with interactive links is not difficult, it just require integration between 2 different systems. Try it out now! Here are some examples that I have used with Thinglink and Canva. Canva (Graphic creation online tool) Choose from a range of templates that are available for your downloading pleasure, those that are free…

Being Charlie Brown

Being Charlie Brown, innocent and a deep thinker. Inspired from the Peanuts movie.

The Cloud and the Brain

The cloud and the brain interlinks two of the things that I am really familiar with everyday and every hour. I love to store information on the cloud, which I’m pretty certain that many of you people out there would be doing it. According to a 2013 article by Neowin, it states that it’s over…

Self Directed Learning: The Journey of Learning

The journey of learning has been a somewhat fascinating one. Self directed learning is a dream come true for educators. They are contented when students choose to be motivated to learn different things and explore into the subject deeply.

Infographics: E-Learning diversified

The aim of this infographic is to identify the design framework that will be used to create the E-Learning portal that I have spearheaded myself. It builds upon 3 principles that I highlighted and aimed to build towards the fundamentals of global learning through a global platform.

Video: Learning by doing

Watch this video as I reflect on things on learning by doing. It is really inspirational to see a daughter replicate and how a mother teaches her daughter to do things.