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A Journey of Self Discovery, Grit and lots of Stubbornness

March 16, 2019, by Barry Ng

As I was doing my part as a ‘bus guide’, I was both reflecting on my journey to SIM as a staff and also years back as a student. There were some prospective students who began comparing the degree programmes and asked me the common question, “Which degree is better?” This struck me as that relevance isn’t as important as the reputation of the university that confers the degree. As such, this post is dedicated to providing an idea of what university degree should be.

Why I used to hate creativity!

January 14, 2019, by Barry Ng

According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, it is crystal clear that creativity is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next 5 years.

My book list of 2018

January 7, 2019, by Barry Ng

In this book complication for 2018, I will be sharing what I have read for the whole of last year and how the stories of each author will inspire you to greatness!

My greatest asset

December 31, 2018, by Barry Ng

Dearest Tessa,

This is your dad. Apparently, your dad loves to write in order to synthesize and understand things. So, he decided to dedicate a post for you!

What makes my heart sing?

December 18, 2018, by Barry Ng

The title of my article was inspired my Carmine Gallo’s (very) famous book – Talk like TED. He talks about how we can use our passion to inspire others, looking through the lens of a TED presentation. I hope it inspires you to discover your own passion too. I’ll use this as a baseline to discuss my thoughts and passion on what really makes my heart sing.

Growing with the right mindset

December 15, 2018, by Barry Ng

Growth mindset is a pretty hot topic as we move towards a complex society and also the focus on creativity these days. I attended two separate sessions on growth mindset, one was a half day workshop while the other was just a short discussion with dialogue. I must say it opened my perspective on growth mindset and what it truly means. I have compiled these understandings plus an article by Carole Dweck.

MAPE to uncover new perspectives

November 13, 2018, by Barry Ng

I end the journey of my MAPE(Masters of Arts in Professional Education) programme(like hopefully passing the last two modules). It’s a new journey of my learning and development (L&D)career. Some things felt familiar, some are pretty new.

Let me cover the journey that you will expect to experience.

Reflections from Adult Learning Symposium 2018

November 1, 2018, by Barry Ng

We’re in 2018, coming to a close actually. Notice how fast the world is actually changing right before your eyes. I’ll share some insights with you from the Adult Learning Symposium which happened on 1st and 2nd November 2018.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is embedded into our lives without us knowing. Take a look at the following Google Search example and see how answers have evolved thanks to A.I. We’re a step closer to deep collaboration between A.I. and humans.

Image A: Google search results varying across the year

Transformations don’t wait

AI Can tell you’re depressed now.

Transformation is a process that doesn’t wait for you. We’re riding a wave of intelligent robots coming our way. Our roles will change, the job description will differ from time to time, our retirement age will never be similar in the yesterday.

Technology advance, Artificial intelligence(A.I.) is getting more real. There will be more autonomous vehicles from cars to even planes. Jobs, as told by many of us, will be quickly replaced by A.I. and robots.

That wouldn’t change of course, based on some of the keynote speakers such as Klaus Wittkuhn, founder and managing partner of Performance Design International and Dr Eddy Lee, founder of Coffee Ventures. Repetitive work will be easily replaced as mentioned during the various presentation.

Videos: Loh Lik Peng, founder of Unlisted Collection shows us how dishes are being cooked. A sample video similar can be seen here.

Staying productive

Managing your work in the fast-paced environment can be challenging. Today, we need tools that offer us suggestions in dealing with our work issue.

Equipped with an abundance of tools and resources, it’s time to relook at what is really slowing us down in our work or lengthening processes that are unnecessary.

You need to tinker around and find out what works for you. Join communities to make you stay relevant. Keep up to pace with new technologies that will aid you in your work.

Jane Hart(founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies) demonstrated to us through research on the relationship between workplace learning and the ability to perform the task at hand. She explained how individuals are self-organizing their learning and development, curating tools/resources constantly to stay ahead. Also, how employees now want to get the most out of their managers to learn from their daily work experiences in order to progress.

A continuous learning process is one that requires constant interaction among tools to enhance their learning experiences in and out of the workplace. The ability to schedule just in time learning is one that a learning and development professional will need in the future. Just like Klaus, both of them showed the power of A.I. and the possibilities across the different sectors to support humans in their work as well as replacing them to be more productive.

All is not lost yet

A touch of between humanity and A.I. or robots might just work out fine.

Finally…we shouldn’t fear it too much, but spend some time thinking about what differs us from robots. Dr Eddy Lee demonstrates how human empathy will be a skill required to share the good/bad news as a medical professional.

Dwell deeper and you will notice that we are different from robots in some way. As humans, we need to concentrate on upskilling our creativity and critical thinking. We need resilience to keep learning and doing, entering an exciting period of entrepreneurship. Working together as a team and encouraging an open communication, that’s how we can prepare ourselves for the future.

Life’s a mystery

October 26, 2018, by Barry Ng

We all know that we can’t predict what the future holds. Things in life are getting messy and blurry. I realised i can only do this much to control what’s ahead of me.

Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven – Infographic Summary

July 19, 2018, by Barry Ng

Another one of my new creations based on the Book Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven. He talked a lot about his navy seals experiences. It’s a short book that I took about a week to complete, definitely worth the read.