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Coffee Infused Education

Learning in 21st Century Workforce

I recently came across contents that i personally felt were relevant when it came to learning and what actually drives all of it to make it work. There were actually personal reflections that i took while undergoing some learning transformations while reading some books while upgrading myself in education.

My Blended Learning Model

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to review my blended writing program, designed as the assignments relating to Blended Learning. This is a program that could be offered to working adults and students who are graduating in their final year. It is built for them to learn the various tools online to create an…

Blended Learning (Learner Profiles)

Introduction This will be one of the parts that I’m covering on Blended Learning to introduce new concepts and what I feel about how learning has evolved tremendously. In my first section, I would consider the a design aspect of Successive Approximation Method(SAM) model, as I would do in a ever changing environment in a…

Micro moments

This is an extension of the Coursera Assignment which I did previously on Micro moments. I would like to further elaborate on the diagram that I proposed previously.