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Lego, the Creativity Paradox

June 29, 2020, by Barry Ng
Stacking square blocks to make a man?

It ignites your creativity to build anything yet limits you to a certain structure based on whatever resources you have. Just like self fulfilment in life, we have finite amount of resources to buid or develop things that interest us most. Ultimately we think about what can we compromise to fulfil our objectivesn at an optimum level?

Kids, Books and the Internet

June 22, 2020, by Barry Ng

Kids can really make you rethink how you help people understand things. I bought a collection of national geographic books for my kids to read and be fascinated about the world around them.

As I look through the 25 books, I find myself struggling at which book to show my son(3 years old) first. I took something familiar like aeroplanes and Koalas for him begin with.

Reflection: EVP by Mercer

June 4, 2020, by Barry Ng

Employees are also overwhelmed by this transformation. HR needs to look into an individual employee’s needs and constantly have that communication and feedback session.

PWC on Workforce of the future

June 3, 2020, by Barry Ng
A bright future or a gloomy one?

I’m looking into a post and report by PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) on the Workforce of the future. It is about 3 years old from the day that I’m posting it.

It was a great insight and I am excited about it but hope to reflect back on this post in 2030. I hope to see a yellow world where humans come first.

My 2019 Reading List

December 27, 2019, by Barry Ng

I had so much to read and re-reading to do this year! As I conclude 2019 and look forward to more books in the coming year, I have selected 5 of my personal favourites and summarised them in a few pointers.

Resistance vs Resilience – Journey of the Learning Father

October 8, 2019, by Barry Ng

Learning and reflections from the Learning and Development Conference Asia 2019

September 19, 2019, by Barry Ng

Summarised notes on tips on how to create a better UX experience for your users

June 13, 2019, by Barry Ng

I have summarised my personal experiences of what mobile learning should look like in the 21st century as the technologies advances rapidly.

The Gift of Parenthood

May 12, 2019, by Barry Ng

Parenthood is a gift of a new life, a responsibility that you will have to undertake for the rest of your life. It is also known as one of the most challenging and yet most rewarding experiences to be a parent. Being mentally and physically ready is something you really need to be mindful of.

Simple Learning Points from Final Fantasy X

April 19, 2019, by Barry Ng

Playing games has been a common sight in our lives these days. Some of us use it as a method to distress, while others use it to get away from reality. The gaming experience has reached new heights, moving from personal experience to a more social experience that everyone gets to enjoy. This is with the help of technology advancement and better connectivity around the world. In Singapore, gamers are spending more time playing video games than their counterparts in Japan and South Korea.