A blend of Thinglink and comics

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A blend of Thinglink and comics

As educators, we always ponder how to make classroom learning more engaging and fun for our students.

As for me, it’s all about working offline to engage them in their own time, harnessing technology to propel self-directed learning. I want to make learners more curious about the contents that surround them, and give educators perspective and tools they can consider for their learners during class using Blended Learning approaches or take it offline by placing contents on Learning Management Systems or simplier tools such as Blogs(WordPress, blogspot, etc.)
It’s all about working with a few web tools so we could get things working.


Thinglink is an interactive image tool that provides users with the ability to turn any image into a multimedia launcher. Users can create multiple “hot spots” on specific parts of an image and turn the image into a multimedia launcher. Embed video, record audio with the click of a button and a free SoundCloud account, or link to any website. Compatible with any blog or website that has a widget to support javascript, this is a great tool for those of us who use Blogger, Wikispaces or WordPress. The basic account allows you to put coloured circles and when you hover over it, it will start blinking and alerting learners to mouse over it. You can mouseover an example as such above!

Pixton (Comic Creation)

Pixton introduces the world to Click-n-Drag Comics™, a revolutionary new patented technology that gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the web. From fully posable characters to dynamic panels, props, and speech bubbles, every aspect of a comic can be controlled in an intuitive click-n-drag motion (Source: Pixton). It’s really a comic-creating tool to provide some humor relief to your learners in case your subjects maybe too dry. Pixton has many existing templates and comics to ride on. Do consider one of the existing templates to begin your comic creation.

The Final Product

It will somewhat appear like what you see below, where a mix of pixton comics and thinglink icons will appear to attract the learners to engage in them. In this example, I am portraying on how to inspire people with e-learning technology. Considering that learners must also be placed in a context, you could consider the following storyline when you design and develop an engagement tool as such:

    • The context you wish to set, this gives learners an understanding of the scenario that is taking place and what it encapsulates.
    • The learning objective, this gives learners an understanding of what your interactive content offers.
    • Create a series – If you would like to expand knowledge and skills, how would you sequence the series to attract learners to come back again and again.
    • The key takeaway message – What is the one thing you can think of that you wish to deliver to the learners.

    Once you are done with these key areas. Consider creating the comic in this manner.

      • Create the initial comic on Pixton, the original text and all the images you wish to place inside.
      • Secondly, Copy the comic and make one that has no dialogue or conversation.
      • Lastly, gathering all your resources and placing it into thinglink. Start creating the links with the respective conversation dialogue you created initially.

      Last message to tell all of you, do give me some comments on what you think about this particular method. Does it sound too crazy to be true ot just not worth the effort. Have fun trying!