Reflecting on Gamification in a classroom

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Reflecting on Gamification in a classroom

As i was sitting by the corner listening to the gamification concepts that were taught to me. These thoughts linger within my mind so I can reflect and think about these aspects if I were to develop a game for learning purposes. There are 4 aspects of learning that provides me some thoughts during my development.

  • Concentrate on the learning value of each individual outcome.
    Can a game define or provide an in depth learning experience for the learners to understanding subject specific content? Can the game provide an immersive experience yet keep all the learning values and outcomes that it wishes to portray.What are the feedback that you will provide to each learner? How do you intend to provide feedback to your learners so you can clear misconceptions? Do you intend to use the game as a whole to clear misconceptions, or do you intend to only clear misconceptions through feedback when they experience difficulties or got the wrong answers. Do you provide hints so the learners can understand how to play the game better?
  • Enjoying the game
    Enjoy the gaming experience yet understand the concepts and learning deeper than just purely surface level. The amount of engagement will be a determinant for the learners wanting to come back more for the game. It’s a question of how much you want your players to enjoy the game, and how do the learners relate a concept the next time they apply them. Think of it as an ‘AH-HUH’ or eureka moment for them.
  • Visual aspects of the game design
    We also think of what particular design of the game are we looking for visually. Not all games have to be visually pleasing to your eyes, it doesn’t require the most stunning graphics to be the most entertaining. Instead, choose to include aspects such as visual cues to the learners that allow them to understand what is required to perform the task to complete the game. Also, provide assistance to the player if he keeps having difficulty with the quest. This can be through help links or through information after the person has failed in the quest.


Show hint function,when and where it should appear?
  • Customisation Level
    What is the level of customisation you will provide to your learners? Why do you want them to customise their character? The purpose maybe relating to the change in certain aspects of the game affecting the design. For example, a customised character might affect the perception of how each learner feels about the game as they are able to control how they look. Secondly, the customisation affects how they perceive difficulty of the game because they are able to customise the characters with items that they pick up along the game.
Are you able to customise your character fully?

To summarise, game design and mechanics (i.e. the reward systems, the way the game is played) will determine how successful your learning outcomes will be achieved. Careful planning on the game through storyboarding and testing will allow games to be played meaningfully and more engaging.

Image credits: EIDesign,Mekorama, Angry Bird Transformer

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