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Lego, the Creativity Paradox

Lego, the Creativity Paradox

June 29, 2020, by Barry Ng

Stacking square blocks to make a man?

It ignites your creativity to build anything yet limits you to a certain structure based on whatever resources you have. Just like self fulfilment in life, we have finite amount of resources to buid or develop things that interest us most. Ultimately we think about what can we compromise to fulfil our objectivesn at an optimum level?

My son even made trains out of it…

It lets a child imagine and build objects or things that they like, yet it requires effort for the child to explain what they have created. My son place a 4 x 2 block on top of both his Cars #Duplo(Lightning McQueen and Mater) I have gotten him. He calls it Super Wings, because the blocks became wings. At work, we need to explain it in context and yet we assume people understand what we are trying to bring across. It takes more than clear and concise communication to bring your message across.

Can #creativity be out/around/in the block?

Barry Ng

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