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Growing with the right mindset

Growing with the right mindset

December 15, 2018, by Barry Ng

Growth mindset is a pretty hot topic as we move towards a complex society and also the focus on creativity these days. I attended two separate sessions on growth mindset, one was a half day workshop while the other was just a short discussion with dialogue. I must say it opened my perspective on growth mindset and what it truly means. I have compiled these understandings plus an article by Carole Dweck.

Growth mindset was developed by dr. Carole Dweck in her belief that a child’s intelligence is not exactly fixed. It is more than grit and hard work.As most of us know that growth mindset is all about being gritty, overcoming your personal gap and becoming a much stronger person. It is not only about the hard work you put in.

In turn, finding a role model helps tremendously. Having somebody who you would like to be someday(but not entirely), can help drive your personal growth and success.

Here’s a summary of what really matters in a growth mindset.

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