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Week 2 Reflection: blendkit blended learning designer

Week 2 Reflection: blendkit blended learning designer

November 21, 2016, by Barry Ng

I will always ponder on matters on how I should interact with learners with regards to technology. There are great technology available for me to use. Especially those that I want to formatively assess my learners on their learning. As I continually inspire the lecturers in my institute to learn new technology and to come out with pedagogically sound techniques, I recognise the challenges that they face, especially with the limited time they have to engage the students and the limited resources that they have.

A blended approach of formative tools such as Kahoot really helps lecturers assess student’s learning. It provides an opportunity for lecturers to understand how much has each student actually learnt in the process. In an online platform, I will leave lecturers who have questions they have regarding the course to approach us or place a query on the learning management system provided.

Barry Ng

It's easy to teach, but difficult to enforce. My objectives are to ensure learning occurs and is infused into the mind of the learner.

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