Month: November 2016

Coffee Infused Education

Week 2 Reflection: blendkit blended learning designer

I will always ponder on matters on how I should interact with learners with regards to technology. There are great technology available for me to use. Especially those that I want to formatively assess my learners on their learning. As I continually inspire the lecturers in my institute to learn new technology and to come…

Innovating through teaching and learning

I was recently testing out something on, where I was using a restaurant menu to show different sorts of learning activities with your learners.

Learning in 21st Century Workforce

I recently came across contents that i personally felt were relevant when it came to learning and what actually drives all of it to make it work. There were actually personal reflections that i took while undergoing some learning transformations while reading some books while upgrading myself in education.

Week 1 Reflection: blendkit blended learning designer

Brent Wilson (1995), a pioneer in e-learning, has been cautioning online course designers about the downside of a systems approach for the past decade: An environment that is good for learning cannot be fully prepackaged and defined A more flexible approach will open the doors to more possibilities based on learner goals and needs.