Month: June 2016

Coffee Infused Education

Why Multi-modality for lessons are important?

Everyone has a different style of processing information. Some receive information through listening while others receive it through multimedia content. Let’s explore what multimodality means in a 21st century education.

How you can reconstruct knowledge?

Piaget’s focus was on human development through the experiencing. Ideally, a person can learn a skill better through interaction by their own. The interaction between the object and the person brings other experiences closer to him, thus the skills and knowledge are strengthened. The interaction brings about prior knowledge and similar experiences which builds a…

Reflecting on Gamification in a classroom

As i was sitting by the corner listening to the gamification concepts that were taught to me. These thoughts linger within my mind so I can reflect and think about these aspects if I were to develop a game for learning purposes. There are 4 aspects of learning that provides me some thoughts during my development. Concentrate on…