Month: January 2016

Coffee Infused Education

Social learning from a different angle

Working on the previous example of using Canva and thinglink to form interactive educational tools, I moved ahead to look into another aspect which I found really interesting when I viewed Bandura and social learning theory. In case you’re wondering what’s going on exactly, here’s a video for you to understand Bandura’s social learning theory…

Infographics links (Thinglink X Canva)

Creating beautiful infographics with interactive links is not difficult, it just require integration between 2 different systems. Try it out now! Here are some examples that I have used with Thinglink and Canva. Canva (Graphic creation online tool) Choose from a range of templates that are available for your downloading pleasure, those that are free…

Being Charlie Brown

Being Charlie Brown, innocent and a deep thinker. Inspired from the Peanuts movie.