Month: March 2015

Coffee Infused Education

Infographics: E-Learning diversified

The aim of this infographic is to identify the design framework that will be used to create the E-Learning portal that I have spearheaded myself. It builds upon 3 principles that I highlighted and aimed to build towards the fundamentals of global learning through a global platform.

Video: Learning by doing

Watch this video as I reflect on things on learning by doing. It is really inspirational to see a daughter replicate and how a mother teaches her daughter to do things.

Infographics: 6 of my favourite Photoshop tools

Here’s a sample of what you can do using infographics to educate your users better.  

Infographics: How to start your LMS

I’m reflecting on a possible Learning Management System as I sort out the contents to be used for learning for the illustrator course. I would want to use the course and change the way learning would take place. Instead of placing purely videos, I would want to deploy an LMS into the site and manage…