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What I offer

I am in the space of Digital Micro Learning as well as Learning and Development.
Here are my Specialities


I work on various multimedia platforms using Adobe Creative Suite to deliver Marketing Posters, Learning Infographics, Marketing and Learning VIdeos


I am able to curate and develop learning resources to cater to your Micro Learning Needs.


For consultations or any queries, feel free to reach out to me via the contact form below. I will be more than happy to advise.


I thrive in the area of data analytics due to my background in Information Technology. Feel free to reach out for any of those enquiries.

Latest From Me!

During my free time, I love to write about Parenting and Creativity. Click on my Articles below to view them.

Book Perspectives from Talking to Strangers

Chanced upon this book by Malcolm Gladwell. It is definitely an eye opener for me, with various case studies to explain the behaviours and perspectives that we form when meeting…

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Lego, the Creativity Paradox

Can #creativity be out/around/in the block?

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Kids, Books and the Internet

Kids can really make you rethink how you help people understand things. I bought a collection of national geographic books for my kids to read and be fascinated about the world around them. Read my post to find out more.

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