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Providing perspectives and solution in the field of education. To improve and enhance the quality of learning

The Learning Philopshy

Learning should be personalised

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Multiple modes of representation

It allows learners to learn through multiple modes. Multiple representation need not be a one ay communication but can be stimulating and engaging for the learner

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Learning should be reinforced

learners find it difficult to understand a theory from a single source. Reinforcement allows learners to learn more effectively.

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Stimulating the mind

the learners activity must be challenging so they will be motivated to learn and be engaged in.

Featured portfolio project

Our most popular work

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SIM Stellar

Stellar is a micro learning platform that aims to curate relevant content for faculty members to enhance their teaching and learning strategies.

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Multimedia Learning Development

Creating meaningful multimedia contents for engagement and learning.

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E learning(hypertension care)

Go through Sam's story to understand the fundamentals of lifestyle management for hypertension.

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Workplace learning enabler

technology enhanced processes to improve workplace learning. Building systems that encourage and enhance efficiency in workplace

Our Latest Journey

Working on reflecting new perspectives as an educator and learner

November 13, 2018 No Comments

MAPE to uncover new perspectives

I end the journey of my MAPE(Masters of Arts in Professional Education) programme(like hopefully passing the last two modules). It’s a new journey of my learning and development (L&D)career. Some things felt familiar, some are pretty new. Let me cover the journey that you will expect to experience. MAPE felt like an artistry’s of curating, designing,…

November 1, 2018 No Comments

Reflections from Adult Learning Symposium 2018

We’re in 2018, coming to a close actually. Notice how fast the world is actually changing right before your eyes.  Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is embedded into our lives without us knowing. Take a look at the following Google Search example and see how answers have evolved thanks to A.I. Image A: Google search results varying…

October 26, 2018 No Comments

Life’s a mystery

We all know that we can’t predict what the future holds. Things in life are getting messy and blurry. I realised i can only do this much to control what’s ahead of me. Widened Perspectives Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up hope yet. My perspectives are a lot wider now. I see things…