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Providing perspectives and solution in the field of education. To improve and enhance the quality of learning

My Specialities

Learning should be personalised and relevant

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Learning and Development

Learning and development supports the employee in their career progression. It is vital for me as a learning and development specialist to understand the needs of my learners/employee.

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Multimedia Development

A combination of text, image and animation is what I specialise in. To help learners progress in the understanding of their content.

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Workshop Facilitation

I provide workshop facilitation on an ad-hoc basis to help employees learn about Multimedia Design Principles as well as helping faculty members find the right tool for their classroom.

My Featured Portfolio Project

My collaboration efforts worth exploring

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SIM Stellar

Stellar is a micro learning platform that aims to curate relevant content for faculty members to enhance their teaching and learning strategies.

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Visual symphony

Visual symphony was aimed at helping you create more engaging and effective multimedia resources for your learners.

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E learning(hypertension care)

Go through Sam's story to understand the fundamentals of lifestyle management for hypertension.

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Workplace learning enabler

technology enhanced processes to improve workplace learning. Building systems that encourage and enhance efficiency in workplace

My Latest Journey

Working on reflecting new perspectives as an educator and learner

October 8, 2019 No Comments

Resistance vs Resilience – Journey of the Learning Father

The month of September and October was pretty significant to me. I had my town hall just 2 weeks ago and had various updates. Last Friday was my son’s first sports day carnival. Then I saw a post on PSLE Mathematics questions, which made me thought about how fragile kids can be these days. Also,…

September 19, 2019 No Comments

Learning and reflections from the Learning and Development Conference Asia 2019

This was my first learning and development conference that I attended. So here are my reflections that are found within this conference that gave me lots of insights in the L&D space.

June 13, 2019 No Comments

Summarised notes on tips on how to create a better UX experience for your users

I have summarised my personal experiences of what mobile learning should look like in the 21st century as the technologies advances rapidly.