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Be grateful again!(and again)

January 17, 2018, by barry ng

You must be thinking about the academic aspects of gratitude as you read this post. it’s not really one, I’m here to show you my journey after a year thinking hard about it.

Why nobody told me e-learning could have been done this way?!

January 1, 2018, by barry ng

It was a dark evening and yet another gloomy day for me. It was a lost sense of purpose in what I was doing in life(or was it).

How Gagne’s 9 event can be relevant to your next E-courseware

December 29, 2017, by barry ng

over the few years, e-courseware has widely been adopted by institutions and organisation in a form of computer-based training material. Designing courseware teaching and learning experience become challenging as you need to consider the most effective and engaging manner possible for the end user.

Learning Journey from my Adobe Education Online Trainer Course

December 20, 2017, by barry ng

This is a post describing my learning experiences from the Adobe Education Online Trainer Course which is an annual course specially tailored for Educators around the Globe.

What’s your motivational factor?

November 20, 2017, by barry ng

Let’s take a look this week of the aspects of motivation.

Educating for an authentic experience?

November 18, 2017, by barry ng

I went to the EduTech Conference which was held in Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore. It was a learning experience and gaining perspectives from different k-12 to tertiary levels.

Learning Journey of my Multimedia Project

July 21, 2017, by barry ng

To make things simple, let’s do it through a flipsnack, a magazine capable of showing you so much more!

How are you from the past to the future.

June 6, 2017, by barry ng

Dear Son,

This is your dad, writing this so you could take a look in 10 years and understand if this blog is still around.

Reflecting a learning experience

May 12, 2017, by barry ng

Think about the last time you tried to recall and tell someone about your travel experience, really providing the details to your friends/colleagues or someone. All you wanted was to tell the person how much you enjoyed it. Was it really difficult? What aspects did you recall that you were able to tell someone.

A blend of Thinglink and comics

April 11, 2017, by barry ng

As educators, we always ponder how to make classroom learning more engaging and fun for our students.