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Providing perspectives and solution in the field of education. To improve and enhance the quality of learning

The Learning Philopshy

Learning should be personalised

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Multiple modes of representation

It allows learners to learn through multiple modes. Multiple representation need not be a one ay communication but can be stimulating and engaging for the learner

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Learning should be reinforced

learners find it difficult to understand a theory from a single source. Reinforcement allows learners to learn more effectively.

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Stimulating the mind

the learners activity must be challenging so they will be motivated to learn and be engaged in.

Our Latest Journey

Working on reflecting new perspectives as an educator and learner

January 17, 2018 No Comments

Be grateful again!(and again)

You must be thinking about the academic aspects of gratitude as you read this post. it’s not really one, I’m here to show you my journey after a year thinking hard about it. It was a journey of a book “Gratitude in education” by Kerry Howells(The video can be found above). The obvious reasons were…

January 1, 2018 No Comments

Why nobody told me e-learning could have been done this way?!

It was a dark evening and yet another gloomy day for me. It was a lost sense of purpose in what I was doing in life(or was it). Then came the idea of, why is nobody embracing ePortfolio the way it should be!? So because of that, I decided to start something about it (aka…

December 29, 2017 No Comments

How Gagne’s 9 event can be relevant to your next E-courseware

Over the last few years, e-courseware has widely been adopted by institutions and organisation in a form of computer-based training material. Designing courseware teaching and learning experience become challenging as you need to consider the most effective and engaging manner possible for the end user. I created this e-courseware to target primary school & secondary…